Our Story

Once Upon a Time

It was April of 2012, we sat amongs’t thousands at the Waterfront Grand Ballroom for the Brian Mcknight Concert. It was also were thousands fell silent watching a story of an orphan boy of Don Bosco Liloan and how his life was before and after – that was Studio Inspiro’s first video.


A few weeks later, we were contacted by Don Bosco Missions in New York asking if they can include our video in their promoting their cause – it was an honor.


May of 2012

The next month the team found themselves traveling in the south in big fields, and grand mango trees listening to the heart-warming stories of farmers and how step by step their lives improved through the Southern Partners of Fair Trade

It was at the Pilgrim Center at the Basilica when their video was launched, and we cannot forget when one farmer approached us and said, “Salamat kaayo sir. Karon nakakita na jud mi unsa kadako among nahatag sa kumunidad.” (Thank you so much sir. Now we have seen how big a contribution we have given to our society.)

Oh, we completely forget to introduce ourselves!

We are Studio Inspiro.

We are storytellers, and everything else is secondary.

We have here, Joel. Our totally creative technical director. From creating rigs, to assembling lights, and building our video “toys!” he is the man!

Next is Justine. A pretty lass who we still believe is the only person in the world gifted with skill to shoot handheld! She’s our Directress of Photography, with a built in worm and bird’s eye! Totally crafted at looking at angles.

This is Elaine. The youngest in the group, ehem, she’s still grade 6. Yes, she really is! (A better way of introducing the senior of the group…ooops!) And our very own, Senior photographer as well!

Here is Gail. The positive lady behind the scenes – as in literally behind the scenes.  While we hold our cameras she holds papers, contracts, and requisition slips for additional memory cards!

And lastly, Hanz. The person who happen to love stories and love sharing it to the world creatively.

August 2012

Our sense of adventure leaped in joy as we head into the high mountains of Tabunok in Cebu together with 40 more students in white as we shot a grand music video with the sky and clouds became as witnesses of a wonderful story to be unfolded. Afterwhich we ran down deep into the skirts of Barangay Bulacao to film a the life of boy named Pido where our story began.



This was St. Paul College Foundation being the best of who they are helping the less fortunate youth back into education. Indeed, they young can shout gratefully, “Your Gift, My Future.”

December 2012

The day I (Hanz!) became a photographer! Yes, I started out as filmmaker then crossed to photography, not the usual way around.

And oh, it was a blessing!


It made me a better story teller.

2013 Onwards

The new year began with a fun photoshoot with books and uniforms.

A friend of ours, Mr. Diego Gillesania, approached us if we can make video presentation of his Mechanical Engineering Review Classes. To our enthusiasm, we didn’t go straight to the story board, but straight to the planning board. We broke down his business and uncovered the key elements, all the great qualities of his review center, and the different benefits that only his can offer.

And we came up with this.

Update: His number of revieews incredibly increased! Aside from the fact that when he goes marketing to school, all he has to do is to set-up the projector, sit down, and get the names of the interested enrollees.

Our Journey Continued… Outside Cebu!

Cagayan de Oro City’s Liceo de Cagayan – rich in culture and arts, and love for environment!




The pride of Ilo-ilo, University of San Augustin – quality education at a higher level!




The missions in Quezon City with the Salvatorian Sisters – bringing hope to women and children.




The wonderful Saturday mornings with stories, education, and food for kids in Paranaque for the Damas Salesianas.



The Stories Continued!

We helped one of Studio Inspiro’s business mentor, Vice-Mayor Rey Calooy, fulfill his dream of making Libagon, Southern Leyte, become the living testament of how entrepreneurship can improve the lives of many. (Our video made his campaign more effective – and a lot easier!)

Spring Rain Global Consultancy Inc. rocked the world of philanthropy when it showed to the country how powerful a key to sustainable nation building philanthropy is!

More heart stories came which include more hugs during shooting, smiles while editing, and tears while watching. And it was after all these projects that the universe finally confirmed our mission – creating great stories of inspriring missions.



Another Great NEWS! Our feature Short Film – Augustino!


Click on these to see more updates of our videos!

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Now, its your turn, so what’s your story?


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As a form of gratitude for really taking time to experience our story, if you have a mission and is very much excited to share it to the world, we have included a very “special video production package” for your mission, business, or organization so long as it inspires people!

HD AVP/Interview/Testimonial Type AVP (Max of 3 Mins)

Share us your vision, your message, your invitation, your testimonial, or even your lessons! Quality footage with quality audio  that will clearly deliver your message to the world.

  • Production Concept and Design 
  • 1 Cameraman, 4 Hour Shoot
  • 1 Location
  • 1 Assistant
  • 1 HD camera/audio/lights
  • Post Production (Edit, Music, Graphics)

Php 4,000.00


HD Story Based AVP (Max of 5 Mins)

The complete and simple video package. Share the story of your brand/mission through interviews with great cinematographic shots, and creative concepts for more impact. Creatively planned and made – we can make a film of your brand story with this 1 day shoot!

  • Production Concept and Design with Script and Story Board
  • 2 Cameramen, One Day Shoot (8 hour)
  • 2-3 Location
  • 1 Assistant
  • 2 HD camera/audio/lights
  • Post Production (Edit, Music, Graphics)

Php 12,000.00

* Prices may vary according to variables set by clients. These will be discussed right after initial meeting.


But let’s not limit ourselves – here are other creative ways of sharing your brand story and mission:

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