Kulokabildo: a Dialogue – Cebuano Short Film

Title: Kulokabildo: A Dialogue – a Cebuano Short Film

Period: December 2015

Description: The thesis film for my scholarship at Film and Media Arts International Academy with the Diploma of Filmmaking and Creative Arts. Inspired by my own personal story of transformation, the stories of my dear friends in the religious communities, and my search for higher levels of truth. A full short film production of Studio Inspiro.

“Lovers in a forbidden relationship talk about God, love, and Sex.”

Kulokabildo: A Dialogue – A Cebuano Short Film

Lans – Eli Raoz
Jinny – Nicole Blackman
Young Jinny – Princess Leian Espina
Old Man – Venus Pilapil

Writer and Director – Hanz Florentino
Producer – Jess Boquiren
Director of Photography – Pantit Pablo
AC and Grip – Luisito Cabrera
Production Designer – Tracy Nicolette Tang
Sound Mixer – Dhan Vincent Montes

a Studio Inspiro production
Film and Media Arts International Academy