Story Photos – Lifestyle Photography for Business

True to what we believe in, we at Studio Inspiro harness the power of story to create marketing materials for businesses that really encompass the essentials – the brand, the customer, and the story.

Recently, we applied this formula to one the amazing client from InHim Media – our partner marketing and advertising agency – which is Furniture City.

Instead of just bringing in models to pose on their furniture for the client’s advertising photography, we incorporate a lifestyle photography to actually tell a story. Why? It is only through these “story photos” where people can actually relate. A skinny hot looking girl on your sofa is not your typical everyday story right? But how about coffe3 time with friends, cafe dates, and bedtime reading? These are stories that the majority of the people can relate.

At the end of the day, as what Hanz Florentino said,

“the brand can say that life’s simple moments are made extraordinary by our products!”

Check these a few of this collection of lifestyle photos













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