It is our dream to become one of the leading media production company in the world of Philanthropy allowing people and organizations to unite and  become channels of blessings
In this day and age, video has become the main tool of communication, however, genuine stories are left untold, good works are not recognized, and there is a lack of belief and experience in the power of video has for changemakers. With this, Studio Inspiro capitalizes on video through quality filmmaking and bringing life to genuine stories of philanthropic advocacies that inspire people to action and elevate consciousness to a better world. 
Hanz Florentino, Founder, Studio Inspiro
"Live in Love!" 
Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in media production both commercial and non-profit.. Skilled in Film Production, Marketing, Directing Talent, and Social Media. Strong business development professional with a Film Diploma Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology 
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