December 2013, to celebrate the new year, Child and World Cebu Empower, Inc. a small non-profit based in Cebu,  shared HOPE to the people of Bantayan who were greatly affected by the Typhoon Yolanda by treating them a sumptous New Year's eve dinner. 
However, it didn't stop there! The following January, they returned for the second phase of Bangon Bayan by bringing plenty of laminated sacks for roofing, good wood and long span roof for their relief operations housing program - it's time to stand up proud once again!
This second phase video, served as donation accomplishment report to CWCE's donor from the Netherlands, EO Metterdaad. This video was the key to grant them full support for their next phase - a complete Yolanda housing program in cooperation with Gawad Kalinga.
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